Twirly Girlie by DROPS Design

Knitted dress with round yoke and skirt in garter st worked from side to side with short rows, in DROPS Fabel. Size children 3 to 12 years

DROPS design: Pattern no FA-014-bn
Yarn group A
Size: 3/4 - 5/6 - 7/8 - 9/10 - 11/12 years
Size in cm: 98/104 - 110/116 - 122/128 - 134/140 - 146/152

Materials: DROPS FABEL from Garnstudio
200-200-250-350-400 colour no 623pl, rose mist.
50 g for all sizes in colour no 102, pink

DROPS CIRCULAR NEEDLE (60 cm) SIZE 3 mm - or size needed to get 24 sts x 32 rows in stocking st and 24 sts x 48 rows in garter st = 10 x 10 cm.
DROPS CIRCULAR NEEDLE (40 cm) SIZE 2.5 mm – for edges.

DROPS Children 23-2

Yarn prices (per 22.04.2019)

Yarn (weight) Content UK
DROPS Fabel uni colour (50g) 75% Wool, 25% Polyamide 2.20 GBP
DROPS Fabel print (50g) 75% Wool, 25% Polyamide 2.30 GBP
DROPS Fabel long print (50g) 75% Wool, 25% Polyamide 2.50 GBP

You can get the yarn to make this pattern from 11.00£*.

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Pattern for DROPS Children 23-2

See diagram A-1, diagram shows pattern from RS.

DECREASE TIP (applies to round yoke):
Dec alternately before and after all markers by K 2 tog.

Beg by working the skirt back and forth on circular needle from side to side. To give the skirt width at the bottom work with short rows. Then work the yoke in stocking st with round yoke.

LOOSELY cast on 84-92-100-108-116 sts on 2 circular needles size 3 mm with 623, rose mist. Pull out one of the needles (to avoid a tight cast on edge or cast on on a thicker needle).
The whole skirt is worked in garter st, i.e. K all rows.
Work first row as follows (from waist down = WS):
K 12 sts, insert a marker, * K 8 sts, insert a marker *, repeat from *-* the entire row = a total of 9-10-11-12-13 markers, there are 8 sts after the last marker.
Move the markers alongside when working.
K 1 row over all sts from bottom and up.
Continue with short rows as follows (tighten the thread on every turn in mid of piece before continuing, to avoid holes):
* K 2 rows (= 1 ridge) with pink back and forth over all sts (1st row = WS), switch to rose mist, K 11 rows (= a total of 6,5 ridges) back and forth over all sts. Continue with rose mist as follows: Work until first marker, turn and work back. Work until second marker, turn and work back. Continue like this until it has been worked up to last marker, turn and work back. K 1 row over all sts from bottom and up *.
I.e. 1 repetition (*-*) = 7 ridges at the top and 16-17-18-19-20 ridges at the bottom.
Repeat from *-* until piece measures approx. 60-64-68-72-76 cm in the shortest side (= top) – measure when piece is flat on the table – finish after 1 whole repetition, cast off all sts VERY LOOSELY with rose mist. Piece measures approx. 137-155-175-195-217 cm in the longest side.

Sew tog skirt mid back – sew cast on edge against cast off edge, edge to edge to get a flat seam.

Beg mid back and knit up 1 st in every ridge (2 rows in garter st) around the entire opening of the skirt on circular needle size 2.5 mm with pink.
P 1 round, then K 1 round while AT THE SAME TIME adjusting no of sts to 144-153-162-171-180 sts. Then work diagram A-1 (= 16-17-18-19-20 repetitions on the round). After A-1, K 1 round and P 1 round. Switch to circular needle size 3 mm and rose mist and continue in stocking st – AT THE SAME TIME on 2nd round dec 4-3-2-1-0 sts evenly = 140-150-160-170-180 sts.
When piece measures 7-8-9-10-11 cm (from where sts were knitted up for top) work next round as follows: Work 32-34-36-38-40 sts, cast off 6-7-8-9-10 sts for armhole, work 64-68-72-76-80 sts, cast off 6-7-8-9-10 sts for armhole, work 32-34-36-38-40 sts. Put piece aside and knit the sleeve edges.

Worked back and forth on circular needle. Cast on 56-59-62-65-68 sts on circular needle size 2.5 mm with pink. K 3 rows back and forth (1st row = WS). Work next row as follows: Cast off 3-4-4-5-5 sts, work 50-52-54-56-58 sts, cast off the last 3-3-4-4-5 sts. Cut the thread, put piece aside and work another sleeve edge.

Slip sleeve edges on to same circular needle as body where armholes were cast off = 228-240-252-264-276 sts. Insert 12 markers in the piece, 19-20-21-22-23 sts apart.
Continue with rose mist and in stocking st – round still beg mid back. Work 4-4-6-6-8 rounds before dec beg. On next round dec 1 st before all markers - SEE DECREASE TIP. Repeat dec every 4th round a total of 7-8-8-9-9 times and then every other round a total of 3 times for all sizes = 108-108-120-120-132 sts.
Switch to circular needle size 2.5 mm. Now work an elevation in back of neck, back and forth on needle from mid back as follows: K 8 sts, turn and P 16 sts on return, turn, K 24 sts, turn, P 32 sts, continue by working 8 sts more on every turn until a total of 64-64-80-80-96 sts have been worked, turn and K until marker mid back again (i.e. 32-32-40-40-48 sts). Then K 1 round over all sts while at the same time dec 22-16-22-16-22 sts evenly = 86-92-98-104-110 sts.
Switch to pink and K 1 round, P 1 round, K 1 round, P 1 round, then loosely cast off with K.
The entire dress measures approx. 54-59-65-70-75 cm up to shoulder.

Sew sleeve edge tog in front loop of outermost st and sew opening under the sleeves, edge to edge to avoid a chunky seam.

Diagram explanations

symbol = K from RS
symbol = K 2 tog, 1 YO
symbol = 1 YO, slip 1 st as if to K, K 1, psso
symbol = 1 YO, slip 1 st as if to K, K 2 tog, psso, 1 YO

Diagram for DROPS Children 23-2

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