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DROPS Crochet hat in ”Paris”

Size: S - L
Head measures: 52/54 cm - 56/58 cm [20”/21” – 22”/23”]

Materials: DROPS Paris from Garnstudio
100-100 g color no 16, white
50-50 g color no. 26, beige

DROPS crochet hook size 5 mm [H/8] – or the size needed to obtain correct crochet gauge.

DROPS 99-22

Yarn prices (per 24.03.2019)

Yarn (weight) Content United States
DROPS Paris uni colour (50g) 100% Cotton 2.20 USD
DROPS Paris recycled denim (50g) 100% Cotton 1.80 USD

You can get the yarn to make this pattern from 5.40$*.

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Pattern for DROPS 99-22

Crochet gauge: 14 dc in width x 9 rows using crochet hook size 5 mm [H/8] and Paris = 10 x 10 cm [4’’ x 4’’]

Crochet info: Substitute the first dc on each round with 3 ch . Finish each round with 1 sl st in the 3rd ch beg of round.

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1st round: Crochet 4 ch using hook size 5 mm [H/8] and white Paris. Crochet 7 dc in the first ch, and finish with a sl st in the 3rd ch beg of round = 8 dc.
2nd round: Crochet 2 dc in each dc = 16 dc.
3rd round: Crochet 2 dc in each dc = 32 dc.
4th round: Crochet *1 dc in the first dc, 2 dc in the next dc * repeat from *-* = 48 dc.
5th round: *1 dc in each of the first 2 dc, 2 dc in the next dc *, repeat from *-* = 64 dc.
6th round: Crochet 1 dc in each dc but inc. 6-12 dc evenly distributed = 70-76 dc.
Continue crochet 1 dc in each dc until the piece measures approx. 11-12 cm [4 3/8” – 4 ¾”]. Now crochet 1 round with beige, 2 rounds with white and 1 round with beige.
Now finish the hat with white at the same time on the first round inc 16-20 dc evenly distributed = 86-96 dc. Crochet 1 dc in each dc until the piece measures approx. 21-23 cm [8 ¼” – 9”]. Cut and sew away the thread.

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