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DROPS Extra 0-116 by DROPS Design

Crocheted DROPS purse

DROPS Extra 0-116

Measure: approx 23 cm in width, and approx 15 cm in height.
150 g colour no. 61 goldbeige Muskat
150 g colour no. 17 goldbeige Cotton Viscose
1 spool nr 01 gold Glitter
- all from Garnstudio

Crochet hook: nr 2½, 3 and 4 mm.
Tension: 20 dc with 3 threads and hook size 4 mm = 10 cm.

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Flower with leaves in 2 layers
Crochet 4 ch and form a ring by crocheting with 1 sl st in first ch.
Row 1: crochet 1 ch and then 6 dc in ring
Row 2: * 1 dc in following dc, 3 ch *, repeat *-* 6 times, finish with 1 sl st in first dc from beg of row. You have now crocheted 6 arches.
Row 3: 1 ch. Crochet in each arch: 1 dc, 1 ch, 3 st, 1 ch, 1 dc.
Row 4: turn piece. Crochet now * 1 dc in st on 1st round between two leaves, and then 5 ch *, repeat *-* 6 times, end with 1 sl st in first dc from beg of row. It is now crocheted 6 arches.
Row 5: 1 ch. Crochet in each arch: 1 dc, 1 ch, 5 st, 1 ch, 1 dc. Cut the thread and fasten.

Crochet 12 ch. Crochet one round along ch as follows: 1 sl st in 2nd and 3rd ch, 1 htr in 4th and 5th ch, 1 tr in 6th, 7th and 8th ch, 1 htr in 9th and 10th ch and then 1 sl st in 11th and 12th ch. Crochet 1 ch and then repeat along the other side of the 12 ch. Then crochet 1 round with sl st around whole edge in the back loops, start round with 2 ch and crochet 2 ch before starting to crochet along other side of leaf. When it is crocheted all around end with crocheting 4 ch. Cut thread and fasten.

Crochet 49 ch with hook size 4 mm and 1 thread Muskat + 1 thread Viscose + 1 thread Glitter (= 3 threads). Turn and crochet dc back in all ch (= 48 dc). End every row with 1 ch to turn with. On every other row crochet in front part of stitch and on every other row in the back part. Crochet dc back and forth in a total of 38 cm. Then dec 2 dc on each side a total of 6 times like this; crochet to the end of row, when there is 1 dc left turn piece (do not crochet a ch). Skip 1st st and crochet dc in 2nd st and rest of row. Dec in the end of row just as on previous row. Continue dec in the end of every row a total of 12 times (=6 times each side) = 24 dc remains. The part with dec measures approx 9 cm. Cut thread and fasten.

Shoulder strap: Crochet 7 ch with hook size 3 mm and 2 threads Viscose + 1 thread Glitter (= 3 threads). Turn and crochet dc back in ch (= 6 dc). Finish every row with 1 ch to turn with. Crochet dc back and forth until strap measures approx 85 cm.

Flowers: Crochet three flowers and three leaves with 1 thread Muskat and hook size 3 mm –read explanation. Crochet five small flowers with 1 thread Viscose + 1 thread Glitter and hook size 2½ mm following first three rows for flower.

Assembly: Fold purse like this; 15 cm front side, 3 cm bottom, 15 cm back side (the rest is lid).
Sew in shoulder strap in opening each side of purse. Sew with one thread Muskat and small tight stitches. Sew on leaves under the three large flowers and then sew to purse and the small flowers on lid according to picture. Crochet a ch band with 1 thread Viscose and hook size 2½ mm between the flowers like this; start at a flower and put hook through flower edge and down around a st on lid. Pick up yarn and make a dc. Then crochet ch to following flower or leaf and put hook through edge and through a st underneath on lid the same way as before. Keep crocheting between flowers.
Sometimes you can cut thread and start somewhere else, and sometimes you can hide the ch band underneath a flower to continue to following. Look at the picture and use your own creativity. Fasten threads carefully.

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