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DROPS Extra 0-103 by DROPS Design

DROPS Top in two threads Vienna

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Stocking st: Knit on RS and Purl on WS.

Rib: * K2, 2 am*, repeat *-*.

Cast on 100 (108) sts on circular needle size 5 mm with one thread pink and one thread plum (double yarn). Work in the round in rib (se explanation above) for approx 22 (26) cm. Continue in stocking st, at the same time cast off 42 (46) sts for back. Make sure not to cast off too loose! Now work back and forth on needle at the same time as cast off 2 sts each side on every other row 2 times = 50 (54) sts. Now dec for raglan on every other row. Dec on rows from RS by K2 tog after 3 side sts and when 5 sts rem on row slip 1 st, K1 and psso and then knit the 3 side sts. When 16 (16) sts remains work in rib with 1 edge st in stocking st in each side for approx 4-5 cm. Cast off.
Fold upper rib edge double and sew on. Top measures approx 50 (56) cm.

Pull some different coloured leather bands through the upper folded edge and tie in neck.

To add a glamorous look you can sew on some beads like we did.

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