DROPS Needles & Hooks

We are very proud of our three extensive collections of knitting needles and crochet hooks, DROPS Basic , DROPS Trend and DROPS Pro! Common to these collections is the high quality and low price - and together they cover all areas of knitting and crochet!

While our unique DROPS Trend needles are made of plastic in pretty pastels, the DROPS Basic collection consists of strong and lightweight aluminum knitting needles and crochet hooks of steel, and fine and comfortable knitting needles of birch. Our popular needle collection DROPS Pro consists of shiny circular needles with the smoothest transitions that helps your stitches slide effortless on the needles.

Learn more about our selection below!

Circular Needles

Aluminium US0-US36 / 15.7-31.5inch
3.05 USD - 4.00 USD
Birch US0-US36 / 15.7-31.5inch
5.20 USD - 9.60 USD
Steel US0-US36 / 15.7-31.5inch
4.70 USD - 6.80 USD

Double Pointed Needles

Aluminium US0-US36 / 7.9inch
3.20 USD - 4.80 USD
Birch US0-US36 / 7.9inch
5.95 USD - 10.30 USD

Single Pointed Needles

Aluminium US0-US36 / 13.8inch
1.90 USD - 3.05 USD
Birch US0-US36 / 13.8inch
6.35 USD - 8.65 USD
Plastic US0-US36 / 13.8inch
6.05 USD - 8.20 USD

Crochet Hooks

Aluminium C/2-O/16 / 5.9inch
1.90 USD
Birch C/2-O/16 / 5.9inch
3.65 USD - 4.80 USD
Steel C/2-O/16 / 5.1inch
1.90 USD