DROPS stores in Lithuania

Here you can find a list of active Lithuania DROPS retailers. These stores order from us regularly, have always our new yarns in stock and take requests for yarn orders from customers.

Click on the retailer name to see a complete overview of which DROPS qualities this retailer has to offer, as well as address, prices, shipping information, etc.

If you live in Lithuania and can't find a retailer in your area, you can always order our yarns by mail through our webstores.

Sort by store name, postal code or city by clicking on the arrows.

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Store name ZIP City Phone
Aveles sapnas 09101 Vilnius see prices
Karaliska Vilna 50167 Kaunas see prices
Mezgimo Zona 01136 Vilnius 676 43668 see prices
siulukamuoliukas.lt 011112 Vilnius 60535824 see prices
Siuluturgelis.lt 94158 Klaipeda see prices
UAB Kasiulai.lt 44151 Kaunas see prices
Vukas.lt Webstore 068271752 see prices
Woollen-studio Webstore see prices