Istruzioni di lavaggio

You’ll find specific washing instructions for each yarn type under Yarn Quality Comparison Chart and the Colour card for each quality.

See the Washing Symbols explanation chart

Wool and silk qualities

Important! Never leave garments made from wool and silk to soak.

Untreated wool; alpaca, mohair and silk:

Superwash treated wool, may be machine washed.

Generally wool and silk

Cotton, Linen and mixed qualities

Important! Never leave to soak.

Always machine wash at 40ºC or 60ºC depending on instruction on label. If washed at a wrong/lower temperature, colours may run. If this happens, wash again at the right temperature, i.e. according to label. It is very important to adhere to the right temperature.

Linen always wash at 40ºC.

Generally cotton, linen and mixed qualities:


Always keep the labels – they are your warranty! Many of the basic qualities in the market are so similar that it is difficult to tell if it’s a Garnstudio product or not. In order for us to deal with any complaints in an orderly manner, we need the labels as well as the knitted garment.