Technique lessons

Welcome to our technique pages! Here you’ll find simple tips which we hope will help you along.

Patterns knitted on circular needles (Back to top)

Insert a marking thread each side.

*Start the pattern by the arrow for appropriate size (= side = 1st marking thread) and knit towards the 2nd marking thread, start by the arrow again and knit pattern on back piece*.
When you reach the 1st marking thread again, knit next row in pattern diagram and repeat from *-*.

OBS! If there is no arrow in diagram begin at the bottom right hand corner of the diagram. When you reach the 1st marking thread again, knit the next row in pattern diagram and so forth.

Pattern knitted from top down (Back to top)

If a pattern in a particular design is knitted from the top down, begin at the top right hand corner of the diagram and knit downwards.

Mirrored pattern (Back to top)

All our patterns are knitted from right to left. If a pattern is to be mirrored, begin in the bottom left hand corner and knit towards the right.

Pattern with duplicate stitches (Back to top)

If a pattern calls for many different colours, some can be sewn on afterwards using duplicate stitches.

Cables (Back to top)

Cables with cable needles:
Put 2 sts on cable needle in front of piece, knit 2 sts and knit 2 sts from cable needle.
Cables without cable needles:
Over 2 sts: knit the second st first without slipping it off the needle, knit the first st and slip both sts off the left needle.

Bobble (Back to top)

Knit 5 sts in the same st as follows: knit 1, yarn over needle, knit 1, yarn over needle, knit 1, turn the piece, knit 4 rows of stocking sts over these 5 sts. Now lift 2nd st on right needle over 1st st, 3rd st over 1st st, 4th st over 1st st and 5th st over 1st st = 1 st left.

Tassels (Back to top)

Use a piece of cardboard the same length as the tassel and wind the yarn round the cardboard to desired thickness. Tie a string round the tassel at one end and cut the yarn at the other end.

Fringes (Back to top)

Cut the required number of threads, double the length of the finished fringe. Fold the threads double and pull though the edge of your knitted piece with the help of a crochet hook. Pull through to form a loop and pull the threads through this loop.

Pompon (Back to top)

Cut out 2 circular cardboard pieces with the desired diameter. Cut a big hole in the middle and make 1 cut across the pieces. Place the 2 pieces against each other and wind the yarn round as shown in the illustration. The more yarn, the denser the pompon. Cut the threads between the 2 pieces, be careful not to pull out the threads! Use a double thread to tighten round the middle of the threads between the 2 pieces. Pull tight and sew. If the pompon is a little uneven, adjust the lengths of the yarn ends.

Buttonhole stitches (Back to top)

Assembly (Back to top)

Graft pieces together as illustrated.

Embroidered flower (Back to top)

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